Sky Study (c.1869) by Edgar Degas

Sky Study - Edgar Degas - c.1869

Artwork Information

TitleSky Study
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Sky Study

The artwork entitled “Sky Study” is a creation by the renowned artist Edgar Degas, dated circa 1869. Exhibiting the characteristics of the Impressionist movement, this work is executed in the medium of pastel, capturing the ethereal essence of the cloudscape genre. Currently, this piece is held within a private collection.

Upon examining the artwork, one is immediately struck by the luminous depiction of the sky. The eloquent use of pastels imbues the scene with a sense of tranquility and ephemerality. Shades of blue and white dominate the composition, suggesting a scene of serene weather, with the clouds rendered in soft, rounded forms that convey volume and depth. There is an absence of any human element or grounding landscape, which directs the entire focus of the viewer towards the atmospheric phenomena above, highlighting nature’s sublime beauty. The sense of movement within the clouds is subtly suggested by the blending of the pastel hues, rendering the artwork a vibrant study of light, color, and form, characteristics admired in the Impressionist endeavor to capture fleeting moments in time.

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