Slab stela of Prince Wep-em-nefret by Egyptian Art

Slab stela of Prince Wep-em-nefret - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleSlab stela of Prince Wep-em-nefret
ArtistEgyptian Art
MediumPainted Limestone
Dimensions45.7 cm
Current LocationHearst Museum of Anthropology, Berkeley

About Slab stela of Prince Wep-em-nefret

The Slab Stela of Prince Wep-em-Nefret is an artistic masterpiece from ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom period. The limestone relief, which is painted, depicts the king’s son, Wep-em-nofret, seated at an offering table. The stela is believed to have been found in its original location on the east side of G 1201 in Giza’s Western Cemetery.

Wep-em-Nefret had multiple titles, including craftsman for the king’s scribes, priest of Heqet and Mehit, and king’s son. The stela, which is one of the top treasures of the Robert H. Lowie Museum of Anthropology at Berkeley, provides a rare insight into the life of members of the royal household and their daily rituals.

The slab stela’s artistry is remarkable, showcasing the refined skills of ancient Egyptian artists. Despite its age, the intricate details and exquisite artistry still captivate many visitors to the museum.

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