Sleeve Study for the Annunciation (c.1470 – c.1473) by Leonardo da Vinci

Sleeve Study for the Annunciation - Leonardo da Vinci - c.1470 - c.1473

Artwork Information

TitleSleeve Study for the Annunciation
ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
Datec.1470 - c.1473
Art MovementEarly Renaissance

About Sleeve Study for the Annunciation

“Sleeve Study for the Annunciation” is a notable sketch and study created by Leonardo da Vinci, dating approximately from 1470 to 1473. This artwork was conceived during the Early Renaissance period, a time marked by a blossoming of arts and science that saw a revival of interest in the classical world’s artistic principles.

The artwork portrays an intricate study of the folds of a sleeve, a testament to Leonardo’s diligent observation and understanding of fabric and the way it drapes over the human form. The sketch is meticulous in its detail, showcasing the artist’s skill in rendering the play of light and shadow on the different surfaces and folds. Lines are employed with varying degrees of pressure to suggest form and depth, and the sleeves are outlined in a way that conveys their voluminous texture. It’s a vivid demonstration of Leonardo’s mastery over the sketching medium, his keen eye for realism, and his dedication to capturing the minutiae of the world around him.

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