Small Landscape, Viareggio (1925; Frankfurt, Germany) by Max Beckmann

Small Landscape, Viareggio - Max Beckmann - 1925; Frankfurt, Germany

Artwork Information

TitleSmall Landscape, Viareggio
ArtistMax Beckmann
Date1925; Frankfurt, Germany
Dimensions53 x 35.8 cm
Art MovementExpressionism

About Small Landscape, Viareggio

The artwork “Small Landscape, Viareggio” is a creation by artist Max Beckmann dated 1925 and originating from Frankfurt, Germany. The medium employed is oil on canvas, with the dimensions of the piece measuring 53 by 35.8 centimeters. This piece is categorized within the Expressionism movement and is considered a cityscape genre.

The artwork presents a view of a coastal urban scene, likely viewed from a shadowy alley or street leading towards a body of water. The composition is dominated by the angular lines and shapes of buildings and sails, as is typical of Beckmann’s style, which often includes a sense of geometric order despite the expressionist tone. The color palette is relatively subdued with an emphasis on earthy tones, and the sky overhead is portrayed with a heavy, overcast hue. Sailing boats with distinct, brightly-colored sails can be seen in the distance on the water, providing a stark contrast to the otherwise muted surroundings. The piece captures a moment in time with a particular mood, one that is typical of expressionist art where the portrayal of emotion and subjective experience takes precedence over direct representation of reality.

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