Small Town on Cove (1923) by Edward Hopper

Small Town on Cove - Edward Hopper - 1923

Artwork Information

TitleSmall Town on Cove
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism
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About Small Town on Cove

The artwork, “Small Town on Cove,” is a watercolor painting by Edward Hopper created in 1923. It is characterized by the New Realism movement and falls under the landscape genre. Hopper’s piece exemplifies his well-known style that emphasizes realistic depictions of American life with a unique attention to light and form.

In the artwork, one observes a serene portrayal of a small town nestled on the edge of a cove. The perspective suggests that the viewer is standing on a higher vantage point, looking down upon the town. The palette is dominated by soft hues of blues, greens, and earth tones, giving the painting a calm and reflective quality. The buildings, which include what appears to be a large boarding house or hotel and several smaller structures, are rendered in a way that captures their geometry and the interplay of light and shadow. The sky is a broad expanse of faint blues and whites, indicating either an early morning or late afternoon ambiance, which is characteristic of the time of day Hopper often chose to depict in his works.

The composition’s sense of tranquility is punctuated by the pronounced shadows and the stillness of the water in the cove, suggesting the lack of movement typical of a languid small-town life. Hopper’s expertise in capturing the mood and atmosphere of various environments is clearly evident, as the artwork invites contemplation of the stillness and isolation inherent in such locales.

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