SMC_99 (2018) by Martina Hartusch

SMC_99 - Martina Hartusch - 2018

Artwork Information

ArtistMartina Hartusch
MediumPen, Lacquer on Canvas

About SMC_99

The artwork titled “SMC_99” was created by artist Martina Hartusch in 2018. This contemporary piece is executed using pen and lacquer on canvas, measuring 19.7 by 19.7 inches. It can be categorized within the genre of abstract art and is influenced by the minimalist movement, characterized by its simplicity and emphasis on the use of basic forms and colors.

Examining the artwork, one observes a central circular motif that resembles a textured, crackled surface, evoking a sense of organic decay or natural aging. The background appears to be a gradient of beige or light brown hues that enhance the tactile qualities of the composition. The contrasts between the darker areas and the lighter background in tandem with the crackling effects give the piece a dynamic quality, despite its minimalistic approach. The precise medium of pen and lacquer allows for sharp, intricate details within the circular form, as the lacquer adds a reflective or glossy presence. The overall effect is one of both depth and subtlety, engaging the viewer’s eye and inviting contemplation on the nature of the depicted forms and the technique employed to realize them. The monochromatic palette further anchors the piece in minimalism, focusing attention on texture and form rather than color.

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