Snow at Louveciennes (1874) by Alfred Sisley

Snow at Louveciennes - Alfred Sisley - 1873

Artwork Information

TitleSnow at Louveciennes
ArtistAlfred Sisley
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions50 x 65 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPhilips Collection, Washington, DC, US
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About Snow at Louveciennes

In 1874, Alfred Sisley painted Snow at Louveciennes, a serene depiction of a French village during a snowfall. The painting showcases the immaculate snow, with no footprints disrupting its purity and a road leading to the background. Sisley’s refined and delicate landscapes exude a sensitivity expressed through discreet color harmonies. Snow at Louveciennes illustrates the artist’s experimentation with perspective and his mature period during the 1870s, characterized by his lightest, luminous, and lyrical paintings.

The foreground of Snow at Louveciennes features strong shadows that add an element of instantaneousness to the work, which has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions worldwide. Sisley’s experimental works with perspective and expression of the village’s silence and unreal decor during a snowfall make Snow at Louveciennes an exceptional artwork, highlighting his artistic capability in landscape painting.

In summary, Snow at Louveciennes, painted by Alfred Sisley in 1874, showcases the artist’s experimentation with perspective, delicate landscapes with discreet color harmonies, and strong shadows that add instantaneousness to the work. The painting has been exhibited in prestigious institutions worldwide, and it is a testimony to Sisley’s talent in landscape painting.

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