Solar yachts. (2019) by Iryna Kastsova

Solar yachts. - Iryna Kastsova - 2019

Artwork Information

TitleSolar yachts.
ArtistIryna Kastsova
MediumOil on Canvas

About Solar yachts.

The artwork “Solar yachts” by Iryna Kastsova, created in the year 2019, is an oil on canvas painting that measures 47.2 x 31.5 inches. This landscape piece falls within the realism art movement, portraying a scenic depiction of a maritime setting.

“Solar yachts” features a vibrant seascape, alive with color and motion. The dominant elements are a trio of sailboats with striking yellow sails that capture the essence of sunlight as they traverse the sparkling blue waters. The canvas is saturated with a profusion of blues and yellows, suggesting the interaction between sun and sea, while touches of pink and purple in the sails introduce a dreamy quality to the scene. The horizon is delineated by a lighter azure, dividing the lively dance of the waves from the calm serenity of the sky. Smaller distant sails pepper the background, adding depth to the composition and emphasizing the expanse of the seascape.

The sea itself is rendered in a multitude of brushstrokes, skillfully depicting the play of light on water and the rhythmic movement of the waves. The impression of sunlight is not only captured in the color of the sails but also in the reflection and the dappling on the water’s surface, creating a sense of warmth and luminosity throughout the artwork. The brushwork imbues the scene with energy and dynamism, suggesting the gentle rocking of the boats and the quiet bustling of the waves. It’s a harmonious blend of realism and the artist’s interpretation of the maritime tableau, evoking the splendor of a sunny day out on the sea.

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