Solo (1988) by Joerg Immendorff

Solo - Joerg Immendorff - 1988

Artwork Information

ArtistJoerg Immendorff
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions200 x 150 cm
Art MovementNeo-Expressionism
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About Solo

Joerg Immendorff was a prominent German Neo-Expressionist painter best known for his powerful symbolic imagery and figurative style. His painting, “Marcel’s Salvation,” executed with oil on canvas in 1988, is a tribute to Marcel Duchamp, who was an important influence of the contemporary art world.

Immendorff was part of the art movement Neue Wilde and frequently engaged with political issues as well as present and past ideas in Germany. Additionally, Immendorff expressed his artistic vision through other media like sculpture, stage designing and printmaking.

At the retrospective exhibition that surveyed nearly four decades of his career shown last year(2019), the viewers witnessed how he used different techniques like strong lines to establish movement and added bright colorations often juxtaposed by dark shades for emotional contrasts.

Looking at “Marcel’s Salvation,” we see how Immendorff created an energetic composition filled with bold brushstrokes and dynamic shapes. The painting depicts a scene where figural forms surround what appears to be Marcel Duchamp holding up his signature hat. Its striking appearance combined with its rich symbolism makes it an example of Immendorff’s unique talent for tapping into raw emotion through valiant expressionism.

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