Sombras (2013) by Jicé

Sombras - Jicé - 2013

Artwork Information

MediumOil, Pigments on Canvas

About Sombras

The artwork “Sombras” is a creation by the artist Jicé, completed in 2013. It stands as an exemplar of the urban genre within the realist art movement. The medium employed for this piece is oil and pigments on canvas, offering a rich texture and deep coloration. The dimensions of this significant artwork are 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches.

“Sombras” illustrates a series of vertical and horizontal forms that evoke the impression of an urban landscape. Dominated by stark contrasts, the central theme of the work appears to focus on the interplay between light and shadow, as suggested by the title “Sombras,” which translates to “Shadows.” The tall structures are reminiscent of skyscrapers or monolithic buildings, their reflections and the surrounding space executed in a loose, free manner that flirt with abstraction, yet grounded by the detailed rendering of light, reflective surfaces, and the geometric solidity of the architecture.

In terms of color palette, the artist employs a range of earthen and neutral hues, punctuated by the deep blacks and crisp whites that grant the work its dramatic tonal contrasts. Additionally, the thoughtful use of dripping paint and visibly thick brushstrokes adds to the textural quality of the piece, conveying the gritty essence of an urban atmosphere. The reflective quality in the lower portion suggests the presence of water, creating a mirror image that further complicates the interplay of light and shadow and adds a layer of depth to the composition.

The realism in this artwork is not one that seeks to meticulously copy the physical world, but rather to capture an emotional and atmospheric quality that is true to the urban environment it represents. Hence, “Sombras” serves as a modern interpretation of realism, where the essence of the subject is portrayed through a composition that balances figurative representation with abstract expression.

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