Soundscape (1982) by Abdul Mati Klarwein

Soundscape - Abdul Mati Klarwein - 1982

Artwork Information

ArtistAbdul Mati Klarwein
Art MovementMagic Realism
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About Soundscape

The artwork “Soundscape” was created by artist Abdul Mati Klarwein in 1982. It is a landscape piece that forms part of the “Inscapes” series and is crafted in the Magic Realism style, an art movement known for adding a magical or surreal quality to ordinary subjects.

Looking at “Soundscape,” we can observe a fantasy landscape that fuses organic and architectural elements. The painting features a series of terraced hills and valleys flowing rhythmically in serpentine curves. These terrace-like structures are delineated by white, sinuous lines that contrast sharply with the earthy tones of the landscape, creating a visual rhythm across the composition. Within these terraces, small trees can be seen sporadically dotting the landscape, and reflective pools of water are nestled into the curvatures of the terraced spaces.

The color palette combines earthy browns and beiges with the lush greens of the rolling hills in the background, juxtaposed against a bright, serene blue of the water and sky. The piece also contains striking dashes of red, perhaps signifying human or natural elements that stand out against the natural hues of the terrain. Klarwein’s work typically holds a dream-like quality, blending reality with fantasy, which is evident in the surreal topography presented in “Soundscape.” The overall effect is both relaxing and mystifying, inviting viewers into a world that feels both familiar and fantastical.

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