Sous un habit de Mezzetin (1720-21) by Jean-Antoine Watteau

Sous un habit de Mezzetin - Jean-Antoine Watteau - 1720-21

Artwork Information

TitleSous un habit de Mezzetin
ArtistJean-Antoine Watteau
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions28 x 21 cm
Current LocationThe Wallace Collection, London

About Sous un habit de Mezzetin

Sous Un Habit De Mezzetin is a painting created by Jean-Antoine Watteau between 1717-1719. The central figure in the painting is dressed as the commedia dell’arte character Mezzetin, a musician and rascally valet. This artwork is part of The Wallace Collection and is considered an important piece in the Rococo era of art.

Watteau’s skillful use of color and movement brought a revival of interest in this style, influenced by Correggio and Ruben. Sous Un Habit De Mezzetin is an excellent example of Rococo art with its themes about joy, love, nature, and leisure activities depicted through flowing brushstrokes that blend light colors seamlessly.

Notably, Watteau became one of the key figures of this artistic era due to his unique talent for combining visual elements to create expressive masterpieces like this one. Overall, Sous Un Habit De Mezzetin expertly blends color with motion to create an attractive masterpiece that entices viewers long after they have left it behind in their viewing experience.

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