Souvenir 2 (1964) by Jasper Johns

Souvenir 2 - Jasper Johns - 1964

Artwork Information

TitleSouvenir 2
ArtistJasper Johns
MediumOil and collage on Canvas with objects
Dimensions73 x 53.3 cm (28 3/4 x 21 in.)
Art MovementNeo-Dada
Current LocationCollection Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Ganz

About Souvenir 2

The artwork entitled “Souvenir 2” was created by artist Jasper Johns in 1964 and is a notable piece from the Neo-Dada movement. Johns utilized oil and collage on canvas with objects to craft this piece, which is classified under the genre of installation. “Souvenir 2” measures 73 by 53.3 centimeters and is part of the collection belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Ganz.

The artwork demonstrates a combination of various materials and objects, integrating them into a cohesive assemblage. In the upper portion of the canvas, there is an abstract expressionist style of painting, dominated by dark hues with overlays of brighter color, possibly suggesting a certain depth or recess. Centered on the lower portion is a plain, open, wooden box-like compartment. Within this compartment, there is a painted plate featuring a facial portrait, surrounded by stenciled words in different colors. On the right side, fastened to the canvas, is a metal hinge or clip, articulating a sense of three-dimensionality and real-world connection. The term “souvenir” is scrawled at the bottom of the compartment, possibly alluding to personal memory or a token of remembrance, a theme that might be central to the artwork. Given the complexity and variety of elements involved, this artwork invites viewers to reflect on the relationship between the found objects, painted surfaces, and the concept of memory suggested by the title “Souvenir 2.”

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