Souvenir de Havre (1912) by Pablo Picasso

Souvenir de Havre - Pablo Picasso - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleSouvenir de Havre
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions92 x 65 cm
Art MovementAnalytical Cubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Souvenir de Havre

The artwork “Souvenir de Havre,” created by the influential artist Pablo Picasso in 1912, exemplifies the principles of Analytical Cubism. It is an oil on canvas piece measuring 92 by 65 centimeters, and it falls within the genre of still life. Currently, this artwork resides in a private collection, away from public exhibition.

The composition presents the viewer with a fragmented reality, reassembled through geometric forms and the interplay of light and shadow that are characteristic of Cubism. The color palette is subdued, relying on earthy tones and variations of brown, blue, and gray, which give it a monochromatic feel, but with enough variation to create depth and a sense of space within the compacted forms. Shapes intersect and overlap, some delineated by thick, bold outlines, while others blend more subtly into their surroundings.

Words are integrated into the visual field, adding an element of literality to the abstraction, which is a technique frequently employed by Picasso during his Cubist period. The title of the artwork, “Souvenir de Havre,” is prominently written, suggesting a personal or commemorative significance, perhaps relating to the French city of Le Havre. The oval or elliptical shape of the canvas enhances the feeling of looking through a lens or a window into a disjointed yet coherent world that Picasso has orchestrated with great attention to form, balance, and the distribution of light and dark areas.

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