Spanish Dancing Girl (1904) by Robert Henri

Spanish Dancing Girl - Robert Henri - 1904

Artwork Information

TitleSpanish Dancing Girl
ArtistRobert Henri
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions85 x 49 in.
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Spanish Dancing Girl

Spanish Dancing Girl is a painting created by Robert Henri in 1904. Born in America, Henri was part of the Ashcan School movement that aimed to depict the harsher realities of urban life. The painting is an example of American Realism style, which emphasized accurate representation and portrayal of people’s’ experiences.

This particular artwork portrays a young Spanish girl dancing against a dark background. Its model was a Roma woman living on the outskirts of Madrid. Henri frequently painted portraits of various people including Spanish, Mexican, and Dutch girls. However, contrary to his usual subjects’ normcore aesthetic, this painting features ornate clothing with religious symbolism.

The artwork stands out within Henri’s oeuvre because it is an unusual example of religious-themed work. While he often focused on realistic depictions outside traditional portraiture and landscapes along with everyday life scenarios and subjects unique to where he resided or visited like Mexico for one period or Madrid where he painted his Spanish Dancing Girls series depicting costumed performers who were common performers at fiestas happening in town events or private celebrations. Additionally, Picasso also had a sizable oeuvre that included over 20,000 paintings ranging from his famous cubist masterpieces to more traditional works such as Guernica – which was his response to the devastating Spanish Civil War that resulted in wide-spread violence and significant social upheaval across Spain.

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