Spanish Fountain (1902) by John Singer Sargent

Spanish Fountain - John Singer Sargent - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleSpanish Fountain
ArtistJohn Singer Sargent
MediumWatercolor on Paper
Dimensions54.88 x 33.02 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationFitzwilliam Museum (University of Cambridge), Cambridge, UK

About Spanish Fountain

The artwork titled “Spanish Fountain” was created by John Singer Sargent in 1912, employing the medium of watercolor on paper. This piece is often associated with the Impressionism art movement and falls within the cityscape genre. The dimensions of the artwork are 54.88 x 33.02 cm, and it is housed in the Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, UK.

The artwork showcases a fountain, probably situated in Spain, given its title. The focal point of the composition appears to be the intricately carved central structure of the fountain, distinguished by figures that resemble classical sculptures. The play of light and shadow imbues the scene with a sense of immediacy, and the water’s fluidity is captured with deft, loose brushstrokes—a hallmark of the Impressionist movement, which emphasized light and its changing qualities. The background is washed in warm sunlight, and architectural elements can be seen behind the fountain, providing context and depth. Sargent’s use of color and quick brush touches captures the essence of the fountain’s motion and the ambiance of the location, masterfully conveying the sense of a moment caught in time.

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