Spanish Still Life Sun and Shadow (1912) by Pablo Picasso

Spanish Still Life Sun and Shadow - Pablo Picasso - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleSpanish Still Life Sun and Shadow
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil and ripolin on Canvas
Dimensions46 x 33 cm
Current LocationMusee d'Art Moderne, Villuenueve D'Ascq

About Spanish Still Life Sun and Shadow

Pablo Picasso’s “Spanish Still Life: Sun and Shadow” is a masterpiece of Analytical Cubism painted in 1912. The painting measures 46 x 33 cm and features a still life arrangement of items, including a bottle, guitar, newspaper, and fruit bowl. Picasso left hidden visual clues on the painting’s surface to suggest underlying images that can only be seen through careful observation.

Picasso co-invented Cubism with Georges Braque during the early 20th century. The first phase of Cubism is known as Analytic Cubism which focuses on decomposing objects into simple forms while playing with space and light. This technique is evident in “Spanish Still Life: Sun and Shadow,” where the interplay between light and shadow creates an intricate web of geometric shapes.

Picasso was one of the most influential artists of his time, widely recognized for his innovative art style coupled with a complicated personal life. His painting Guernica embodies this combination, as it remains an enduring critique against war despite being painted over eight decades ago. Furthermore, in his later neoclassical period, Picasso used established canonical masterpieces by other artists as inspiration for his own artworks.

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