Spring by Jasper Johns

Spring - Jasper Johns -

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementNeo-Dada

About Spring

The artwork titled “Spring” by Jasper Johns is a representation from the Neo-Dada art movement, which is known for its embrace of absurdity and the use of everyday objects in arts, as well as its opposition to the conventional artistic standards of its time. Johns’ artwork, characterized as figurative, invites viewers to interpret the visual narrative created through the combination of various subjects and symbols.

The artwork displays a plethora of elements arranged in a complex composition. Dominating the center is the shadowy outline of a figure, which seems to be cast against a textured backdrop, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality. This central silhouette is flanked on either side by panels rich in details and motifs. To the left, a portion of the painting features what appears to be a stylized bird, and a hand imprint emerges from the lower area, both superimposed over geometric patterns and celestial forms suggestive of stars.

On the right side of the figure, the viewer encounters objects reminiscent of foliage and architectural structures, along with a vase-like form that introduces a classical element into the composition, potentially referencing still life traditions. Below the central figure is another intriguing segment of the piece: a smaller square with a ghostly, female silhouette encompassed by geometric lines that could be interpreted as an abstracted representation of the human form, perhaps hinting at classic art motifs like Venus figures or other iconic representations of the female body.

Jasper Johns’ choice of colors, textures, and the integration of text — the date “Feb. 1, 1986” — heightens the enigmatic quality of the artwork, inviting contemplation and varied interpretations. His work often challenges viewers to look beyond the obvious and encourages them to question the very nature of art and its conventional iconography. “Spring,” with its layering and integration of disparate elements, exemplifies Johns’ ability to create multidimensional and thought-provoking visual experiences.

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