Ss. Jerome And Augustine (1426) by Masaccio

Ss. Jerome And Augustine - Masaccio - 1426

Artwork Information

TitleSs. Jerome And Augustine
Dimensions14 13/16 x 4 7/8 in. (38 x 12.5 cm)
Current LocationGemaeldegalerie, Berlin
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About Ss. Jerome And Augustine

Masaccio’s Ss. Jerome and Augustine painting is an early Renaissance masterpiece, created in 1426 as a tempera on panel artwork that is displayed today in the Gemaldegalerie Museum in Berlin. In the painting, St. Augustine is depicted on the right wearing his bishop’s mitre, while St. Jerome stands on the left dressed in cardinal’s red.

Masaccio was known for developing naturalistic depictions of 3D space and accurate representations of the human body. He was a skilled artist with keen attention to detail, creating lifelike figures and movements that enhanced realism in his works.

The Ss. Jerome and Augustine painting represents Masaccio’s exceptional talent at imitating nature while capturing religious narratives. Notably, Masaccio also painted famous frescoes such as Tribute Money scene and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden at Santa Maria del Carmine Brancacci Chapel and linear perspective techniques used first time at Santa Maria Novella Holy Trinity fresco.

Overall, this artwork solidified Masaccio’s place within art history as a pioneer of early Renaissance art style due to its excellence craftsmanship reflected throughout its details from composition to color palette choice emphasizing depth perception by shadowing adding drama to their facial features conveying each saint personalities through realistic humanly expressions preserved to date providing insight into the artist’s work ethics that helped shape arts’ renaissance transition period during 13th century onwards towards revolutionized European cultures uplifting historical geniuses such as Michelangelo da Vinci Raphael Botticelli amongst others we admire till today.

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