St James on the way to his execution (c. 1455) by Andrea Mantegna

St James on the way to his execution - Andrea Mantegna - c.1450 - c.1455

Artwork Information

TitleSt James on the way to his execution
ArtistAndrea Mantegna
Datec.1450 - c.1455
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationDestroyed, formerly church of the Eremitani, Padua
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About St James on the way to his execution

Andrea Mantegna’s St. James On The Way To His Execution painting was part of a series of frescoes in the Ovetari Chapel located in Padua, Italy. Unfortunately, the artwork was destroyed during World War II due to a bombing raid. Luckily, the British Museum still owns a preparatory drawing for the painting.

Mantegna was a master at perspective and accurate architectural details, as evident in this painting. He began working on the frescoes for the Ovetari Chapel at only 17 years old. The use of a worm’s eye view is prominent in St. James led to his Execution, further exemplifying Mantegna’s understanding and mastery of perspective.

While this particular piece may be lost forever, it remains an important example of Mantegna’s artistic techniques and style during that time period. It serves as a reminder that even when physical artworks are lost, their impact and relevance can still be felt through historical documentation and analysis by art scholars worldwide.

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