St. Jerome as Cardinal (c.1595; Spain) by El Greco

St. Jerome as Cardinal - El Greco - c.1595; Spain

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TitleSt. Jerome as Cardinal
ArtistEl Greco
Datec.1595; Spain
Dimensions59 x 48 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationNational Gallery, London, UK

About St. Jerome as Cardinal

“St. Jerome as Cardinal” is a religious painting by El Greco, a renowned artist of the Mannerism movement that took place toward the end of the Renaissance. Created around 1595 in Spain, the medium of this artwork is oil on canvas, and it measures 59 x 48 cm. The painting can be viewed at the National Gallery in London, UK.

The painting depicts Saint Jerome, a highly venerated Christian scholar and translator, in the attire of a cardinal, which is historically anachronistic since the cardinal office did not exist during Jerome’s time. The artwork features Saint Jerome with a strong, focused gaze, perhaps indicative of his intellectual rigor and devotion. He has a long white beard and white hair, giving him a wise and venerable appearance. Saint Jerome is wearing a rich, deep red cardinal’s robe with luminescent folds that add depth to the painting. The attention to detail is remarkable in the textural contrast between the soft white undergarment and the heavy, luxurious robe.

Saint Jerome’s hands are engaged actively with a large book, suggesting his scholarly pursuits and contributions to translating the Bible. The book is prominently displayed, which may represent the importance of the written word and education in the Christian tradition. The background is stark and dark, which serves to foreground the figure of Saint Jerome, emphasizing his significance and infusing the painting with a sense of drama. The painting encapsulates the Mannerist style with its emotional intensity, refined elegance, and elongated forms.

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