St. Mark (1411-13) by Donatello

St. Mark - Donatello - 1411-13

Artwork Information

TitleSt. Mark
Dimensions236 cm
Current LocationOrsanmichele, Florence

About St. Mark

Donatello’s Saint Mark is a stunning marble statue that stands at approximately 7 feet and 9 inches. It was commissioned by the linen guild in the early 15th century and was placed in an exterior niche of the Orsanmichele church.This masterpiece sculpture is characterized by Donatello’s realistic style, which incorporates a contrapposto pose that was uncommon for sculptures during his time.

Donatello’s exceptional skill is evident in the natural pose of Saint Mark, which showcases a human face and body that seems lifelike with visible veins on its hands. The artist was a pioneer in materiality as he worked with various mediums, including bronze and marble, to produce masterpieces such as St. Mark.

Moreover, Donatello’s training included working with other renowned artists like Brunelleschi and Ghiberti. He beautifully carved this statue completely out of marble; placed next to Saint Mark in the recess of Orsanmichele Church.

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