St. Paul in Prison (1627) by Rembrandt

St. Paul in Prison - Rembrandt - 1627

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TitleSt. Paul in Prison
Dimensions73 x 60 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About St. Paul in Prison

The artwork titled “St. Paul in Prison” is an exquisite representation of Baroque artistry by the renowned master Rembrandt, dated to 1627. Crafted with the medium of oil on panel, this religious painting measures 73 by 60 centimeters. The piece is currently held in a private collection, and exemplifies the intense emotionality and dramatic use of light characteristic of the Baroque period.

“St. Paul in Prison” depicts the apostle Paul during one of his incarcerations. The scene is intimate, with Paul seated in a sparsely furnished and dimly lit cell that creates a somber ambiance. His right hand holds a quill and his eyes gaze contemplatively downward, indicating a moment of thought or inspiration. The large book upon which his left hand rests likely represents the scriptures or letters he authored. Noteworthy is the chiaroscuro technique employed by Rembrandt, evident in the striking contrast between the luminous area around the window and the surrounding darkness, focusing the viewer’s attention on the figure of Paul. His aged face is marked with lines that speak to a life of experience, hardship, and spiritual insight.

This artwork captures the psychological intensity and spiritual gravity of the subject, as well as Rembrandt’s dexterity in manipulating light to evoke a profound inner life and emotional depth.

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