St. Peter (1615 – 1620) by Georges de la Tour

St. Peter - Georges de la Tour - 1615 - 1620

Artwork Information

TitleSt. Peter
ArtistGeorges de la Tour
Date1615 - 1620
Art MovementTenebrism

About St. Peter

The artwork “St. Peter” is a compelling religious painting created by Georges de la Tour between 1615 and 1620. This masterpiece was wrought using the medium of oil on canvas and exemplifies the Tenebrism movement, renowned for its dramatic use of chiaroscuro and the intense contrast of light and dark. De la Tour’s skillful application of this technique imbues the artwork with a striking sense of depth and spirituality.

In the artwork, we observe an elderly man who is presumed to be Saint Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ and a prominent figure in Christian tradition. His somber expression is captured with masterful realism; the play of light and shadow across his face accentuates his furrowed brow, deep-set eyes, and flowing beard, all of which contribute to an aura of reflective piety. The saint is depicted with his hands clasped in prayer or contemplation, which, along with his modest attire, underscores the gravity and humility that is often associated with religious figures of his stature. Saint Peter’s downcast gaze and the dark, subdued background further enhance the intimate and pensive mood of the composition. Georges de la Tour’s adept use of the Tenebrist style becomes profoundly evident in this work, engendering an intense emotional response that befits the sacred subject matter.

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