St. George And The Princess Sabra (1862) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

St. George And The Princess Sabra - Dante Gabriel Rossetti - 1862

Artwork Information

TitleSt. George And The Princess Sabra
ArtistDante Gabriel Rossetti
MediumWatercolor On Paper
Dimensions20 5/8 x 12 1/8 in (52.4 x 30.8 cm)
Current LocationTate Gallery, London

About St. George And The Princess Sabra

Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s 1862 painting entitled “St. George and the Princess Sabra” depicts St. George and Princess Sabra after he saved her from a dragon, with the public celebration subordinate to their intimate interaction. The composition is claustrophobic and hints at Rossetti’s dilemma of being involved with Elizabeth Siddal, who modeled for Princess Sabra just days before her death due to an overdose of laudanum, but feeling an attraction to Jane.

The artwork follows a Romanticism style that puts an emphasis on emotion and individualism. It is considered one of Rossetti’s most important pieces of religious painting due to its intricate details such as the rich colors used in the painting, particularly in St. George’s deep red tunic and blue cloak. There are also other artworks by Rosetti that depict the story of St. George and the Princess Sabra such as a tracing of a cartoon for stained glass.

Despite only featuring two people in its frame, “St. George and the Princess Sabra” tells a story through its symbolism: St. George represents manly valor while Princess Sabra stands for womanly beauty – both ideals celebrated during Romanticism era artistry where there was a fascination with glorifying medieval heroes who vanquished mythical creatures alone or alongside princesses they saved from perilous situations.

Overall, “St. George and the Princess Sabra” is more than just an exquisitely crafted artwork; it is a testament to Rossetti’s craftsmanship as well as his profound emotions towards his muses and love interests that transcends time through this masterpiece on canvas painted over 150 years ago continuing its influence throughout generations up until today’s modern times where still finding admirers among those interested in Pre-Raphaelite art or religious paintings alike who appreciate exquisite attention-to-detail infused into artistic expression by many layers meaning behind them!

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