St. Louis, King Of France (1587-97) by El Greco

St. Louis, King Of France - El Greco - 1587-97

Artwork Information

TitleSt. Louis, King Of France
ArtistEl Greco
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions117 x 95 cm
Current LocationMusée Du Louvre, Paris

About St. Louis, King Of France

El Greco’s painting “Saint Louis, King of France” is a stunning portrait of Louis IX of France, created between 1592-1595 during El Greco’s stay in Toledo. In the painting, Louis IX wears 16th-century armor and a crown while holding the fleur de lys and sceptre. The artwork was produced for Luis de Castilla and is now one of the Louvre Museum’s most treasured pieces.

Louis IX was canonized in 1297 by the pope, giving him sainthood status – an important detail that adds significance to this piece. El Greco created it as an attempt to portray St. Louis as accurately as possible, resulting in a lifelike painting that showcases his bravery and leadership qualities.

The portrait itself exudes Mannerism (Late Renaissance) style characteristics with its elongated figures and dramatic use of light and shadow. It is an excellent example of El Greco’s distinct style that separates him from other artists during his era.

In conclusion, “Saint Louis, King of France” is a significant work in El Greco’s collection due to its unique portrayal of St. Louis’ sainthood status while also using Manneristic style elements to create perfection in art history. Its current residence at the Louvre Museum makes this painting even more important for admiring art lovers worldwide who want their personal experience upon viewing such remarkable artworks like this one!

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