St. Martin And The Beggar (1597-99) by El Greco

St. Martin And The Beggar - El Greco - 1597-99

Artwork Information

TitleSt. Martin And The Beggar
ArtistEl Greco
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions76 1/8 x 40 1/2 in. (193.5 x 103 cm)
Current LocationNational Gallery Of Art, Washington

About St. Martin And The Beggar

El Greco’s “Saint Martin and the Beggar” painting depicts the well-known legend of Saint Martin of Tours cutting his cloak in half to give to a beggar. This painting was commissioned by the parish priest of Santo Tomé in Toledo, where it is believed to have been displayed for many years. El Greco, a prominent artist of the Spanish Renaissance, painted this work around 1597-1599.

The dramatic scene is portrayed in Mannerism style, with elongated figures and exaggerated poses. El Greco depicts Saint Martin wearing contemporary armor with intricate gold inlay, adding a modern twist to the traditional story. The colors used are vibrant yet subdued, creating an ethereal quality that lends itself to religious themes.

Currently held at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., “Saint Martin and the Beggar” is widely considered as one of El Greco’s greatest masterpieces and most famous works. The towering figure of Saint Martin dominates the canvas while he leans down to cut his cloak with his sword. In contrast, the beggar crouches on all fours and looks up gratefully towards him.

This captivating painting showcases El Greco’s exceptional talent as an artist who created extraordinary works worth preserving for generations to come. It serves not only as an artistic masterpiece but also a symbol of kindness towards others – a message still relevant today.

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