Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer) (1890 – 1891; Giverny, France) by Claude Monet

Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer) - Claude Monet - 1890 - 1891; Giverny, France

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TitleStacks of Wheat (End of Summer)
ArtistClaude Monet
Date1890 - 1891; Giverny, France
Dimensions60 x 100 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationArt Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US

About Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer)

The artwork titled “Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer)” was created by the acclaimed Impressionist artist Claude Monet during the years 1890 to 1891 within the serene confines of Giverny, France. This oil on canvas landscape painting measures 60 x 100 cm and forms part of the illustrious “Haystacks” series that captures the rural charm and temporal shifts in light and color. Monet’s masterpiece currently resides at the Art Institute of Chicago, in Chicago, IL, USA, where it continues to enchant viewers with its impressionistic representation of agricultural motifs.

Upon examination of the artwork, one would observe the central prominence of two large stacks of wheat dominating the foreground, basking in the waning light of summer. The haystacks seem almost alive with color, their surfaces dappled in shades of pink, purple, and gold, indicative of the sun’s ebbing glow. The play of light and shadow creates a rich texture that accentuates the three-dimensional form of the haystacks against the flattened field behind them.

The background is a mosaic of impressionistic brushstrokes, with intermingling hues that suggest the presence of trees and foliage in the middle distance and a hazy, softly lit sky above. The use of color is quintessential Monet, with a delicate juxtaposition of warm and cool tones that give the landscape a vibrant, almost ethereal quality. The overall effect is one of harmony and tranquility, and the painting serves as a testament to Monet’s profound ability to capture the ephemeral nature of light and its impact on the landscape.

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