Stairway to Heaven (1980) by Abdul Mati Klarwein

Stairway to Heaven - Abdul Mati Klarwein - 1980

Artwork Information

TitleStairway to Heaven
ArtistAbdul Mati Klarwein
Art MovementMagic Realism,Surrealism

About Stairway to Heaven

The artwork titled “Stairway to Heaven,” created by Abdul Mati Klarwein in 1980, is a notable example of the Magic Realism and Surrealism art movements. It is categorized within the landscape genre and is part of Klarwein’s “Inscapes” series. This piece exemplifies the stylistic tendencies of these movements, favoring a fantastical rendition of realistic subjects to evoke deeper layers of meaning and evoke contemplation.

The artwork showcases a striking architectural form that appears to be a staircase spiraling upwards towards a sky that is not immediately visible. The structure is depicted with muted tones giving it a dreamlike and etheric quality, and it is bordered by what seems to be a thin slice of the natural world indicated by a distant blue line that could represent the horizon. Clever use of perspective and geometry creates an illusion of infinity, as if the staircase extends beyond the confines of the canvas.

Intriguing elements such as hovering frames without paintings and the strips of varying colors that outline the edges of the stairs add to the surreal quality of the piece. The intentional ambiguity in terms of space and direction evokes a sense of the mystical, possibly alluding to metaphysical themes of ascent and the search for enlightenment, which the title “Stairway to Heaven” could metaphorically suggest. The stark whiteness surrounding the staircase creates a sense of isolation or purity, emphasizing the staircase as a central conduit to a transcendent experience or place.

Overall, Abdul Mati Klarwein’s “Stairway to Heaven” encapsulates a surreal and magical exploration of space, inviting viewers to reflect on the intersection of the real and the imagined, and on the conceptual journey towards higher states of being.

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