– (2023) by Stamatis Papazoglou

- - Stamatis Papazoglou - 2023

Artwork Information

ArtistStamatis Papazoglou
MediumAcrylic, Collage on Canvas

About -

The artwork in question is an abstract piece created by artist Stamatis Papazoglou in 2023. It measures 19.7 by 15.7 inches and is composed using acrylic and collage on canvas. This piece exemplifies the abstract art genre and aligns with the abstract movement, characterized by an emphasis on forms and colors that depart from accurate representation.

The artwork presents a complex interplay of structure and color. Dominated by a grid-like pattern, the composition is composed of blocks and rectangles, some neatly defined and others more blurred or overlaid with additional material. The recurring motif of the grid suggests a sense of order, while the variations within and disruptions to that order introduce dynamism and tension.

A vibrant color palette is employed, with shades of red and pink predominantly featured. Accents of black delineate the grid, providing stark contrast and emphasizing the abstract form. The collage elements add texture and depth, creating a layered effect that invites closer examination. Splashes of other colors appear intermittently, offering visual interest and complexity.

Overall, the artwork is a rich tapestry of geometric forms, colors, and textures that coalesce into a piece reflective of the abstract movement’s focus on conveying emotions and ideas through non-representational means.

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