Standing Figure with Blue Plane (1933) by Willi Baumeister

Standing Figure with Blue Plane - Willi Baumeister - 1933

Artwork Information

TitleStanding Figure with Blue Plane
ArtistWilli Baumeister
MediumOil and sand on Canvas
Dimensions82 x 65.5 cm
Current LocationMuseum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany
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About Standing Figure with Blue Plane

Willi Baumeister, a German artist, created a painting titled “Standing Figure with Blue Plane” in 1933. It is an oil painting on canvas and is now located at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany. Baumeister produced groups of works, including “Ideogramme” and “Kammzuglandschaften,” and continued to develop his artistic approach to composition despite political persecution and economic difficulties.

Baumeister was stripped of his professorship in Frankfurt when the Nazis came to power in 1933, and an exhibition ban was imposed on him in 1941. Despite this, original works by Baumeister are available for purchase at art galleries worldwide, including his renowned “Standing Figure with Blue Plane.” The painting depicts a figure standing against a blue background, with geometric shapes and lines intersecting the figure, creating a dynamic composition.

Baumeister’s use of color and forms creates a sense of movement and tension within the painting, which is typical of his artistic style. The cool blue tones of the background contrast with the warmer tones of the figure’s skin, making the figure stand out. Overall, “Standing Figure with Blue Plane” is an excellent representation of Baumeister’s artistic approach to composition, which was innovative and influential during his time.

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