Standing Odalisque Reflected in a Mirror (1923) by Henri Matisse

Standing Odalisque Reflected in a Mirror - Henri Matisse - 1923

Artwork Information

TitleStanding Odalisque Reflected in a Mirror
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Standing Odalisque Reflected in a Mirror

The artwork “Standing Odalisque Reflected in a Mirror” was crafted by the esteemed artist Henri Matisse in the year 1923. Belonging to the Expressionism movement, this nude painting (nu) showcases Matisse’s hallmark use of vibrant color and simplified forms. The piece is currently held in a private collection, accessible only to select viewers and not on public display.

The artwork portrays a female figure, or an odalisque, in a state of partial undress, revealing a naturalistic and relaxed pose. Her body is depicted with the fluid lines and muted color tones characteristic of Matisse’s style during this period. The room in which she stands is minimally furnished, with emphasis placed on the contrasting patterns and colors of the interior decor, such as the checked blue-and-white fabric and the red patterned curtain adjacent to her. Standing adjacent to a mirror, the artwork captures both the woman’s front view and her reflected image, offering a dual perspective that plays with dimension and depth. The reflection in the mirror provides a secondary viewpoint, challenging the observer’s perception and adding complexity to the composition. Matisse’s use of flattened space and decorative elements situates the figure within a distinctly personal and expressive visual landscape.

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