Standing off Deauville (1886; France) by Eugene Boudin

Standing off Deauville - Eugene Boudin - 1886; France

Artwork Information

TitleStanding off Deauville
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1886; France
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Standing off Deauville

The artwork entitled “Standing off Deauville” is a creation by the artist Eugene Boudin dating back to 1886. Crafted in France, it is an oil painting that adheres to the principles of the Impressionist movement. The genre of the artwork falls within the domain of marina. As of the last available information, the artwork belongs to a private collection, which means it may not currently be on public display.

The artwork encapsulates a seascape scene, with a palpable sense of movement and light that is characteristic of Impressionist works. Dominated by a spacious sky, it displays a rich tapestry of hues and brushes of cloud formations, imbuing a transient and dynamic atmosphere. Below, the sea spans across the canvas, with brisk brush strokes capturing the lively essence and the ever-shifting surface of the water.

In the distance, sails emerge on the horizon, their colors and forms slightly blurred, a typical Impressionist technique to grasp the fleeting nature of light and form. The sails are likely depicting the boats offshore of Deauville, a fashionable seaside resort in Normandy known for its regattas and maritime activity. The artist’s signature is present at the lower right corner of the canvas, marking his authorship of this serene yet vibrant observation of coastal life. Overall, the artwork conveys a feeling of the ephemeral moment, frozen in time by Boudin’s deft execution and harmonious palette.

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