Stanislaw Przybyszewski (1895) by Edvard Munch

Stanislaw Przybyszewski - Edvard Munch - 1895

Artwork Information

TitleStanislaw Przybyszewski
ArtistEdvard Munch
Dimensions75 x 60 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationMunch Museum, Oslo, Norway

About Stanislaw Przybyszewski

The artwork titled “Stanislaw Przybyszewski” was created by Edvard Munch in 1895. It is a portrait rendered on canvas using tempera as a medium. This piece follows the Expressionism movement and has dimensions of 75 x 60 cm. It currently resides at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.

In this portrait, the subject, presumably Stanislaw Przybyszewski, is depicted with a direct but subdued gaze. The facial features are rendered with a degree of looseness that suggests emotion and introspection rather than a strict adherence to realism. The background and clothing appear to be almost blend into one another, with earthy, muted tones dominating the palette. This lack of clear delineation between the figure and the background creates an intimate yet somewhat incomplete portrayal, which is fitting for the expressive intent of the work. The overall effect is suggestive of the subject’s character and mood rather than a detailed physical likeness. The portrait seems to capture an essence or an emotional state, which is a hallmark of the Expressionist movement, focusing on subjective experience and emotions over objective reality.

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