Starting Out After Rail (1874) by Thomas Eakins

Starting Out After Rail - Thomas Eakins - 1874

Artwork Information

TitleStarting Out After Rail
ArtistThomas Eakins
MediumOil On Canvas Mounted On Masonite
Dimensions24 1/4 x 19 7/8 inches
Current LocationMuseum Of Fine Arts, Boston

About Starting Out After Rail

Starting Out After Rail is a watercolor painting of Thomas Eakins, created in 1874. It reflects the artist’s love for boats and fascination with perspective. Before creating the watercolor, Eakins made a perspective drawing and oil painting using his technical skills with clinical objectivity.

The painting depicts a group of men on a boat enjoying a popular pastime called hunting rail along the Delaware River. The accurate portrayal of human figures shows how Eakins’ vision was committed to technique and precision that won him recognition in the art world.

The play of light across the water, texture of clothes worn by men on the boat, and tilt of the vessel reflect Eakins’ technical brilliance captured through scientific observation. Starting Out After Rail represents one aspect of Eakin’s exploratory interest in aquatic themes seen throughout his oeuvre.

Whether as wall art or home decor, Starting Out After Rail shows Eakin’s prowess in bringing an artistic dimension to scientific analysis while retaining profound intensity like few other traditional artworks can achieve.

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