Statuette and Vases on Oriental Carpet (1908) by Henri Matisse

Statuette and Vases on Oriental Carpet - Henri Matisse - 1908

Artwork Information

TitleStatuette and Vases on Oriental Carpet
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Statuette and Vases on Oriental Carpet

The artwork titled “Statuette and Vases on Oriental Carpet,” created in 1908 by Henri Matisse, belongs to the still life genre. This painting showcases an arrangement of objects that Matisse composed on an oriental carpet, providing a glimpse into the artist’s interest in interior and decorative elements.

In the artwork, one perceives a vibrant and textured oriental carpet, serving as the foundation upon which several objects are placed. A small statuette, possibly representing a human figure, stands centrally, exuding a sense of classical aesthetic within the otherwise modern composition. Surrounding the statuette are various vessels: a sizable greenish-yellow vase catches the eye with its cylindrical form and distinct hue, while a slender black pitcher sits nearby, its purpose and content left to the viewer’s imagination. Adjacent to these is an ornately decorated vase, embellished with a floral design that seems to echo the motifs of the carpet itself. A smaller, tankard-shaped vessel stands to the right, completing the array of ceramics.

All these objects are illuminated by bold, expressive brushstrokes, manifest in the play of light and shadow which suggests the depth and texture of the scene. The carpet’s intricate patterns and the rich colors create a sense of lushness and opulence. The artist’s use of color, from the deep reds of the carpet to the highlighting yellows and the tranquil blues of the vase’s ornamentation, together create a composition that is harmonious yet lively, reflective of Matisse’s unique approach to the still life tradition.

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