Still Life Apples, Bottle and Chairback (1902-1906) by Paul Cezanne

Still Life Apples, Bottle and Chairback - Paul Cezanne - 1902-1906

Artwork Information

TitleStill Life Apples, Bottle and Chairback
ArtistPaul Cezanne
MediumPencil and watercolor
Dimensions17 1/2 x 23 1/4 in. (44.3 x 59 cm.)

About Still Life Apples, Bottle and Chairback

French artist Paul Cézanne is best known for his still life paintings. In his later works, he pushed the boundaries of the medium in watercolor as well. He focused on the physical qualities of paint and canvas rather than illusionism, leading to a defining style that heavily impacted Modern art.

One of Cézanne’s most famous works is Still Life with Apples and Peaches, which demonstrates his use of geometric forms combined with expressive brushstrokes. However, another well-known painting belonging to Cézanne’s last and mature period is Apples, Bottle and Chairback completed between 1904 and 1906. The painting depicts a blue and white faience dish filled with apples, placed beside a bottle which sits atop a green chairback.

Cézanne defined his methods and style through still life scenes such as this one by depicting ordinary objects in unconventional ways. His use of color variations contributes to an overall impressionist effect, while slight distortions give the composition its modernistic structure. Today, the painting belongs to The Courtauld gallery in London under the Samuel Courtauld Trust.

Overall, Still Life: Apples Bottle And Chairback represents everything that makes Cézanne’s work unique; geometric forms combined with expressive brushstrokes showcasing everyday objects from unexpected angles through vibrant colors highlighting modernity in art techniques.

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