Still life (1922) by Juan Gris

Still life - Juan Gris - 1922

Artwork Information

TitleStill life
ArtistJuan Gris
Dimensions25 x 32.8 cm
Art MovementCubism

About Still life

The artwork “Still Life” by Juan Gris, dating from 1922, is a distinguished example of the Cubist art movement. With dimensions of 25 cm by 32.8 cm, it exemplifies the still life genre, which was commonly explored within Cubism. This particular piece is characteristic of Gris’s style and his approach to redefining the representation of everyday objects.

The artwork presents a fragmented and abstract arrangement of objects typically found in a still life composition. True to the Cubist style, the artwork dismantles the conventional perspective and instead offers multiple viewpoints simultaneously. Shapes are geometrically rendered, and the color palette is somewhat muted with usage of earth tones alongside blacks and whites, emphasizing the interplay of form and depth rather than the vibrancy of color. The plane’s limitations and object edges blend, causing the viewer’s eye to traverse the canvas in search of discernible forms.

The elements, which might include common objects such as fruit, a glass, and a bottle, are deconstructed into a series of interlocking planes and shapes, challenging the viewer to reassemble the scene mentally. Shadow and light are suggested by the gradation of tones rather than a strict adherence to a single light source. This technique enhances the flattened sense of space while still creating a sense of volume and mass within the composition, a testament to Gris’s skill in adhering to Cubist principles while also imparting his own unique aesthetic.

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