Still Life with a Guitar (1919; France) by Georges Braque

Still Life with a Guitar - Georges Braque - 1919; France

Artwork Information

TitleStill Life with a Guitar
ArtistGeorges Braque
Date1919; France
Dimensions61 x 116.2 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Still Life with a Guitar

“Still Life with a Guitar” is an artwork by Georges Braque, completed in 1919 in France. This piece exemplifies the Synthetic Cubism movement and combines various mediums—charcoal, collage, oil on canvas—to create a complex visual narrative. The artwork’s dimensions are 61 by 116.2 cm, and its genre is classified as a still life. Currently, “Still Life with a Guitar” resides within a private collection.

The artwork displays a fragmented composition characteristic of Synthetic Cubism, which often involves the assembly of different materials, textures, and shapes to create a depiction of an object or scene from multiple viewpoints. In this case, the guitar—the central figure of the composition—is discernable amidst the geometric forms and interlocking planes. Braque utilizes a muted palette dominated by browns, greens, and greys, interspersed with occasional pops of color, like the black grapes and the subtle use of yellow. The synthetic aspect is highlighted by the integration of what appears to be real textures and patterns, potentially pieces of wall-paper or other materials, thus adding a tactile quality amid the painted surfaces. The juxtaposition of these various elements on canvas illustrates a flattened yet dynamically reconstructed perception of reality, inviting viewers to contemplate the integration of different objects and their spatial relationships within the piece.

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