Still Life with Eggs, Bowl and Vase (1971) by William Bailey

Still Life with Eggs, Bowl and Vase - William Bailey - 1971

Artwork Information

TitleStill Life with Eggs, Bowl and Vase
ArtistWilliam Bailey
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions40 x 44 in
Current LocationPrivate collection, Bedford, New York

About Still Life with Eggs, Bowl and Vase

William Bailey was an American painter renowned for his still lifes. One of his notable collotypes, Still Life With Eggs, Bowl And Vase, was part of a limited edition set released in 1976. Bailey’s artistic style is recognized for its freedom from the constraints of descriptive realism, and its evocative balance of form and color, which is evident in this work.

Bailey acquired his artistic skills from legendary painter Josef Albers during his studies at Yale University. Bailey’s contributions to the art world have earned him a reputation, leading to exhibitions at prestigious institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and Centre Pompidou. His works are also held in the permanent collections of the Joseph Hirshhorn Museum and the Whitney Museum, among others.

In Still Life With Eggs, Bowl And Vase, Bailey has created an intricate composition, employing muted tones of brown and white that create a peaceful and reflective atmosphere. Three eggs in a bowl are the only things depicted as tangible objects, with the rest of the scene dissolved into abstraction. Bailey has aimed to highlight the beauty of simple forms arranged in a subtle yet intriguing manner. The textures chosen and overall compositional value enhance the painterly qualities of this piece, making it an excellent example of Bailey’s notable style.

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