Still Life with Fruit a Nest and a Lizard (1710) by Rachel Ruysch

Still Life with Fruit a Nest and a Lizard - Rachel Ruysch - 1710

Artwork Information

TitleStill Life with Fruit a Nest and a Lizard
ArtistRachel Ruysch
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions87 x 69.5 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Still Life with Fruit a Nest and a Lizard

The artwork “Still Life with Fruit, a Nest and a Lizard” is an oil on canvas painting created by Rachel Ruysch in 1710. It embodies the Baroque art movement and exemplifies the genre of flower painting. The work measures 87 by 69.5 centimeters and is currently housed within a private collection.

This consummate representation of still life delineates a luxuriant arrangement of fruit so vivid and textured that one could almost sense their varied consistencies upon touch. Central to the composition is a bounteous spread of grapes, both green and dark-purple, offset by the soft blush of peaches and the burst of crimson pomegranate seeds. The lustrous skin of plums and the intricate kernels of corn contribute to the visual feast. A delicate butterfly alights on a tender leaf, its presence invoking the transient nature of beauty. The whole collection of nature’s bounty is carefully staged against a somber backdrop, highlighting the mastery of light and shadow characteristic of Baroque artistry. Furthermore, a meticulously rendered lizard appears, resurrecting an element of surprise within the harmonious order. The nest, cradled in the lower-right corner replete with eggs, hints at themes of fertility and the cycles of life—subtle reminders of the eventual decay that follows all earthly splendor.

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