Still Life with Fruit Bowl (1918) by Juan Gris

Still Life with Fruit Bowl - Juan Gris - 1918

Artwork Information

TitleStill Life with Fruit Bowl
ArtistJuan Gris
Dimensions54 x 65 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationStaatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

About Still Life with Fruit Bowl

The artwork, “Still Life with Fruit Bowl,” is a creation of Juan Gris dated 1918. This piece is an oil on canvas measuring 54 by 65 centimeters. It epitomizes the Synthetic Cubism movement and is categorized as a still life. It currently resides within the collection of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany.

“Still Life with Fruit Bowl” showcases Gris’s cubist interpretation of a traditional subject matter. The artwork is characterized by geometric simplification and the fragmentation of objects, which are signature elements of cubism. Within the intricate assembly of shapes and planes, the viewer can discern the outlines of a fruit bowl along with other components of a conventional still life arrangement. This piece utilizes a palette that is relatively muted yet includes pockets of brighter colors that guide the viewer’s eye across the canvas. The juxtaposition of text elements and stenciled letters adds another layer of complexity, suggesting the influence of contemporary life and print media. Gris has adeptly balanced the composition, creating a sense of depth and dimension despite the flattened, abstracted forms. This painting reflects the artist’s distinct approach to cubism, where he played with structure, color, and text in new, innovative ways.

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