Still Life with Fruits (1870) by Adalbert Schaffer

Still Life with Fruits - Adalbert Schaffer - 1870

Artwork Information

TitleStill Life with Fruits
ArtistAdalbert Schaffer
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Still Life with Fruits

“Still Life with Fruits” is an artwork by Adalbert Schaffer, created in the year 1870. The piece is from the Academicism art movement, known for its rigorous adherence to classical forms and techniques. Characterized as a still life, the artwork embraces the genre’s traditional focus on the depiction of inanimate subjects, in this case, an array of fruits.

The artwork portrays a richly textured array of fruits positioned on a surface with a darkened backdrop. In the foreground, a vibrantly colored apple serves as a focal point amidst the composition, complemented by a cluster of grapes with a variety of hues ranging from deep purples to translucent greens. A partially peeled walnut rests beside the apple, its textured interior exposed. The delicate craft used to render the translucence of the grapes and the smooth surface of the apple reflects the technical proficiency emblematic of Academicism.

Accompanying the central fruits are several green and burgundy grape leaves that add a natural context and enhance the composition’s depth. The artist’s ability to capture the intricate details of the fruit textures, the play of light on their various surfaces, and the delicate shadows they cast, exemplifies the meticulous method intrinsic to academic art. The significant craquelure on the artwork’s surface indicates its age and possibly the conditions of its preservation over time. Overall, the artwork is a testament to Schaffer’s skill in painting still-life compositions that celebrate the beauty and detail of everyday objects.

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