Still Life with Vase, Bottle and Fruit (c.1906) by Henri Matisse

Still Life with Vase, Bottle and Fruit - Henri Matisse - c.1906

Artwork Information

TitleStill Life with Vase, Bottle and Fruit
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementExpressionism

About Still Life with Vase, Bottle and Fruit

The artwork titled “Still Life with Vase, Bottle and Fruit,” created by Henri Matisse around 1906, is an exemplar of the Expressionism movement. This still life genre painting captures a moment in time through the artist’s expressive use of color and form.

In the artwork, the observer is presented with a vibrant composition that showcases a variety of objects arranged on a table. Central to the arrangement is a vase holding an array of flowers, flanked by a bottle and an assortment of fruit, which appear to include oranges and apples, each rendered with energetic brushstrokes and bold colors. The color palette is rich and varies from deep blues to bright yellows, with contrasting darks and lights creating a dynamic visual rhythm. The use of thick, impasto paint application adds texture and depth to the scene. The background is deliberately ambiguous, inviting viewers to focus on the interplay of colors and shapes rather than spatial precision. Matisse’s brushwork is loose and fluid, allowing the forms to border on the abstract while still maintaining their representational integrity. This approach is characteristic of the Expressionist movement’s aim to evoke emotional responses over realistic depiction.

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