Still-life With Violin (1888) by William Harnett

Still-life With Violin - William Harnett - 1888

Artwork Information

TitleStill-life With Violin
ArtistWilliam Harnett
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions20 x 24 in.

About Still-life With Violin

William Harnett was a renowned still-life painter in the late nineteenth-century United States, remembered for his trompe l’oeil technique of painting. His paintings often featured everyday objects arranged deliberately on a stable platform. The Old Violin, which he painted in 1886, was an austere trompe l’oeil still life that captivated the public and prompted them to investigate if the items were real or painted.

One of William’s works is Still Life – Violin and Music from 1888. It depicts a violin hanging upright on an ornate door hinge with a slightly torn sheet music behind it. The painting portrays Harnett’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to create realistic imagery of ordinary objects elements. One interesting fact about him is that he used actual materials to depict the parallel textures of each object.

When discussing artists similar to Harnett, John F.Peto comes to mind immediately as both painters employed trompe-l’oeil techniques while shunning flashy colors or complex structures. One could compare one of Peto’s paintings featuring violins with Harnett’s Still Life – Violin and Music: both artists utilized old violins within their artworks as an ode to classical music.

In conclusion, William Harnett created marvelous still lifes through his excellent attention-to-detail techniques that mimicked various textures effortlessly.Z He made an impact in his time by using extraordinary perspectives such as showcasing lifeless objects like ordinary but valuable antiques highlighting nature’s beauty.

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