Stilleben Mit Melone, Munzbecher Und Deckelkrug by Adalbert Schaffer

Stilleben Mit Melone, Munzbecher Und Deckelkrug - Adalbert Schaffer -

Artwork Information

TitleStilleben Mit Melone, Munzbecher Und Deckelkrug
ArtistAdalbert Schaffer
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Stilleben Mit Melone, Munzbecher Und Deckelkrug

The artwork “Stillleben mit Melone, Münzbecher und Deckelkrug” by Adalbert Schaffer is an exemplar of Academicism, a traditional art movement focused on formal rules and classical subjects. The genre of the piece, still life, is evident as it depicts inanimate subject matters, which are meticulously arranged to convey a sense of composition and light.

Looking at the artwork, one can observe a carefully arranged still life consisting of several objects that together create a sense of opulence and material wealth. The centerpiece appears to be a halved melon with its richly colored and tempting flesh facing the viewer, its seeds dotted throughout the juicy interior. Beside the melon stands an ornate metal goblet or “Münzbecher,” which further amplifies the sense of luxury. The craftsmanship of the cup, showing detailed designs, adds textural contrast to the organic smoothness of the melon.

Behind the cup, there’s a lidded jug (Deckelkrug), likely made of metal as well, towering over the composition and demonstrating both the careful attention to the play of light upon its surface and the artist’s skill in rendering different materials. In the foreground, partly resting on a dark surface, are what appear to be a few peaches, whose soft tones and textures provide another layer of richness to the still life. They are also accompanied by what could be grapes or small dark berries, adding to the variety of textures and completing the grouping.

The background is darker, allowing the subjects in the foreground to stand out and enhancing the chiaroscuro effect—a technique often used in still life to create depth and volume. The painting’s mood is one of sumptuous tranquility, inviting the viewer to ponder the beauty of simple pleasures and the skillful depiction of objects that both reflect light and embody it through color.

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