Stillleben Mit Fruchten, Rosen, Prunkkelch Und Vogel (1850) by Adalbert Schaffer

Stillleben Mit Fruchten, Rosen, Prunkkelch Und Vogel - Adalbert Schaffer - 1850

Artwork Information

TitleStillleben Mit Fruchten, Rosen, Prunkkelch Und Vogel
ArtistAdalbert Schaffer
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Stillleben Mit Fruchten, Rosen, Prunkkelch Und Vogel

The artwork titled “Stillleben Mit Fruchten, Rosen, Prunkkelch Und Vogel,” created by Adalbert Schaffer in 1850, is an exquisite example of Academicism. This still life genre painting reverberates with the meticulous skill and attention to detail characteristic of the academic art tradition, which emphasized neoclassical principles and precise technique.

In the artwork, one beholds a lush assemblage of fruits and flowers, arranged masterfully on a table. A variety of fruits such as grapes, peaches, and plums are depicted with a striking realism, their textures and colors meticulously rendered to create a convincing sense of volume and tangibility. Two full blooming roses and additional petals lie elegantly on the wooden surface, their delicate pink hues in soft contrast with the deeper colors of the fruits. Nestled among the fruits and flowers is an ornate, gold-toned ceremonial cup, or “Prunkkelch,” which features decorative motifs and a sense of opulence befitting the era. Above the arranged still life, a small bird is captured in mid-flight, adding a dynamic element to the otherwise serene composition. This inclusion of the bird may symbolize the fleeting nature of life and beauty, a common theme in still life paintings. The dark background of the artwork serves to highlight the vibrancy and detail of the depicted objects, allowing them to stand out and capture the viewer’s gaze. Overall, the painting exemplifies the disciplined beauty of Academic art, inviting viewers to appreciate the quiet elegance of the mundane elevated to the level of fine art through the artist’s skillful depiction.

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