Stoning of Saint Stephen (1449) by Fra Angelico

Stoning of Saint Stephen - Fra Angelico - 1449

Artwork Information

TitleStoning of Saint Stephen
ArtistFra Angelico
Dimensions326 x 236 cm
Current LocationChapel of Nicholas V, Vatican Palace

About Stoning of Saint Stephen

Fra Angelico’s “Expulsion and the Stoning of Saint Stephen” is a religious work depicting the martyrdom of Saint Stephen in the Early Renaissance style. The painting measures 326 x 236 cm and can be found in the Palazzo Apostolico, Vatican. It is said that Fra Angelico portrayed this subject numerous times during his career, indicating its significance to him.

The Stoning of Saint Stephen is depicted on the right half of a lunette on the east wall, with his preparation for martyrdom shown on its left-hand side. Fra Angelico’s depictions are characterized by their high level of detail and composition, as well as their intricate use of color.

Apart from this painting, Fra Angelico created several other works depicting the lives of Saint Lawrence and Saint Stephen. These include frescoes in the Chapel of Nicholas V. The artist operated one of Florence’s most prestigious workshops by early 1430s.

While only one original artwork exists, there are various reproductions and prints available. This painting remains an essential contribution to both Christian art history and Renaissance art movements’ continuity.

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