Stream in Osny (1883; France) by Paul Gauguin

Stream in Osny - Paul Gauguin - 1883; France

Artwork Information

TitleStream in Osny
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1883; France
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Stream in Osny

The artwork entitled “Stream in Osny” is a creation of Paul Gauguin, a renowned artist known for his contributions to the Impressionist movement. Completed in 1883 in France, this oil on canvas masterpiece is a quintessential example of the Impressionist genre of landscape. Currently, the painting resides in a private collection, away from public display.

As for the artwork itself, the composition captures a idyllic scene bathed in natural light which is characteristic of Impressionism. It portrays a serene rural landscape where a gentle stream meanders through the countryside of Osny. The canvas is animated by the lush greenery of trees that line the waterway, contrasted with the golden tones of the sunlit grass. Within this tranquil setting, the presence of figures—possibly locals enjoying the quietude or going about their daily tasks—adds a layer of engagement, drawing viewers into the rhythms of rural life. The structures in the background, likely farm buildings, anchor the scene, providing a sense of human habitation and scale. Gauguin’s brushwork is loose and expressive, allowing the vibrant color palette and interplay of light and shadow to convey the impression of a fleeting moment captured in time. The artwork embodies the tranquil essence of the French countryside, a testament to the Impressionist commitment to painting en plein air and capturing the ephemeral qualities of light.

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