Strong Wind (Gust of Wind) (c.1872) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Strong Wind (Gust of Wind) - Pierre-Auguste Renoir - c.1872

Artwork Information

TitleStrong Wind (Gust of Wind)
ArtistPierre-Auguste Renoir
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationFitzwilliam Museum (University of Cambridge), Cambridge, UK

About Strong Wind (Gust of Wind)

The artwork “Strong Wind (Gust of Wind)” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a quintessential example of the Impressionist movement. Created in approximately 1872, it is an oil painting on canvas that represents the landscape genre. The piece is part of the collection at the Fitzwilliam Museum, which is associated with the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. This work of art exemplifies the Impressionist interest in capturing the transient effects of light and atmosphere.

The artwork showcases a dynamic and vivid scene of a landscape under the sway of a strong wind. The brushwork is loose, characteristic of the Impressionist style, which endeavored to convey the immediacy of the visual experience and the artist’s perceptions at the moment. The sky occupies a significant portion of the composition, filled with swirling, substantial clouds that give a palpable sense of movement and the force of the breeze. Below the active sky, the earth is rendered in vibrant greens and yellows, with touches of other hues mixed in to give a sense of the varied and lush vegetation. The trees and brush appear to bend and flutter in response to the wind, further intensifying the notion of movement captured in a single, brief moment in time. Renoir’s use of color and light suggests the brightness of a sunny day, while the composition of the clouds implies the potential for change, perhaps signaling an approaching storm or the passing of the wind’s peak intensity. The absence of human figures in the painting allows nature’s performance to stand unchallenged, offering the viewer an opportunity to focus solely on the interplay between the elements and the artist’s brush.

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